Lola Grace

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  • 65% Cotton, 30% Poly, 5% Spandex
  • Brushed material for softer and warmer comfort
  • Athletic Performance
  • Four-way stretch
  • Crystalized butterfly and Marc Defang logos

Lola Grace Fields - Style Spokesmodel

Hi! My name is Lola Grace and I am ten years old! I live in beautiful South Mississippi, USA where the sun is always shining! My passions are competing in pageants and all genres’ of dance! My journey has led me to create my platform #BeTheNiceGirl! This is a network of kind, strong, driven young ladies who encourage each other, stand up for what is right, and make a difference through acts of kindness! You can follow me on Instagram at @lolagrace87!

I am an ambassador for several wonderful organizations. One of my passions is dance, so I am proud to work with A Chance to Dance Performing Arts! This is a program for children, teens, and young adults with special needs. I am an advocate for a world where everyone, regardless of their abilities or challenges, is free to communicate through dance and movement. Another ambassadorship I am a part of is Ignite Dance Competition! As a spokesmodel and dancer for Ignite, I make weekly posts on Instagram and social media to encourage studios and dancers across America to join in the fun! I will be traveling to different cities to help with conventions and awards in 2021! In addition to dancing, I absolutely love literature and reading! I am a Read to Achieve Ambassador, which is a growing network of readers across America! We read books, in person and virtually, to children across the US to encourage a love of reading. Children who may not have anyone to read to them have access to videos of Read to Achieve Ambassadors!

  • America’s Elegant Miss Mississippi Preteen 2021
  • Miss Mississippi America Elementary 1st Alternate 2020
  • Miss Dixie Ruby Queen 2020
  • Young Miss Magnolia State 2019
  • East Central Fourth Grade Most Beautiful 2019
  • Pretty Feet Pageantry Ultimate Grand Supreme 2019
  • Miss West Mobile County Preteen 2019
  • Miss Mississippi Magnolia Princess 2018
  • Young Miss Grand Bay Watermelon Festival 2018
  • Young Miss Magnolia Charm 2018
  • Little Miss Mississippi 1st Alternate 2018
  • Little Miss Acorn Farms 2017
  • Small Miss Southern Queen of Dixie 2017
  • Miss Harvest Moon Middleton Farms Overall Queen 2017
  • East Central First Grade Most Beautiful 2017
  • Joy of Life Queen Alabama 2017
  • Dolls and Divas Ultimate Supreme Queen 2017
  • Petite Miss Seafood 2017
  • Miss Magnolia State Choctaw County Preteen 2021



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