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  • Designed for age 3-12 years old. 
  • 3.5" heels, 1" Platforms
  • Signature Nude patent leather
  • Light weight, designed for better runway performance
  • Extra layer cushion for extra comfort
  • Run True to size 

Style Spokesmodel: SAYLOR PORCARO

Saylor is a 10 year old from Charleston SC. She’s a southern girl through and through. Saylor loves a good shoe and has a huge shoe collection. She loves a pair of great nude wedges. It’s a great staple for your wardrobe. “Give a girl a great shoe and she can conquer the world” and with these wedges she’s off to take the world by storm. They really are such a versatile shoe. They can be dressed up or down. 

When she’s not doing pageants, Saylor is traveling and competing with her all star cheer team as a flyer. She also loves to surf, golf and fish. She is a straight A student and serves her school on the student council. Saylor has been doing pageant since 2014. 

She has held the following titles: 

  • 2014 NAM 1st Runner up South Carolina Princess
  • 2015 NAM Miss South Carolina Princess—4th Runner up at Nationals.
  • 2015 Pure International Miss South Carolina
  • 2016 Little Miss United States South Carolina. Came in top 15 at Nationals
  • 2016 IJM Miss South Carolina Princess
  • 2017 National Elite Little Miss South Carolina.
  • 2018 National Elite Little Miss National Title Holder

Saylor has a charity called Crowns for Hounds which donates stuffed animals and towels to animal shelters and hospitals. She loves animals and has 5 dogs of her own. 4 chihuahuas and a standard poodle. 


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