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  • 4" heels stiletto. 
  • Ivory Sateen Material
  • Clear crystal decorated straps. 
  • Light weight and comfortable
  • Medium Width, Run True to size 

MaryAnn Bagwell - Style Spokesmodel

MaryAnn Bagwell is 15 and a sophomore in High school. She is a God loving, volleyball playing, karate doing, pageant girl who loves music and makeup.

She is a defensive specialist and libero for her high school volleyball team. She has been practicing Goju Ryu karate since she was 5 years old and was recently promoted to Rok Kyu. She is halfway to earning her Black Belt and is assistant instructor at her dojo. MaryAnn loves working with Ryan’s Making a Difference Outreach. Every Saturday morning Ryan, his father and several volunteers including MaryAnn, gather to feed the homeless of Bowling Green, KY. She has been working with them for about a year and finds this to be a very rewarding effort. MaryAnn is also an ambassador for Katie’s Little Angels with Katie Jean Davis, helping to provide support services to NICU families across the US. MaryAnn loves all kinds of music - everything from Classical to Opera and Heavy Metal to Hip Hop, but her favorite is 80’s Hair Bands. MaryAnn is an assistant makeup artist with K. Bagwell and assists with weddings, proms, senior portraits and even pageants.

MaryAnn has been competing in pageants for 2 years now and is very proud to be America’s Elegant Miss National Teenager 2020. Holding this title has allowed her to share her platform - Be Your Own Warrior. She created the Be Your Own Warrior Movement because she was once a shy, quiet and awkward young girl and through sports and pageants she learned that it is ok to just be yourself. You don’t have to fit anyone’s mold and that no one will fight for you like you will fight for yourself, but it is always good to have people there to lift and support you. 


  • ANTSO Miss Kentucky Jr Teen 2019
  • ANTSO 2019 National Speech Winner
  • ANTSO 2019 National Decorated Jeans Winner
  • 2020 Country Cuties Grand Supreme Winner
  • 2020 Bell of Kentucky
  • Miss Reigning America Southern States Top Model
  • Miss Reigning America 2020 Spokesmodel Winner
  • Miss Reigning America 2020 3rd Runner up
  • Classic American Beauty 2020 Casual Wear Winner
  • Classic American Beauty 2020 Swim Wear Winner
  • Classic American Beauty 2020 Fun Fashion Winner
  • Classic American Beauty 2020 Interview Winner
  • Classic American Beauty 2020 State Wear Winner
  • America’s Elegant Miss National Teenager 2020
  • Runway model - CharJean Couture NYFW 2021
  • Runway model - Marc Defang Cosmopolitan NYFW 2021Magazines
  • Magazines
  • IT Girl Model - Issue 3 Volume 7 - Top 10
  • Model Source - Issue 11 Volume 12
  • Rising Model - August 2020 Issue 159
  • Rising Model - August 2020 Issue 160
  • BonTon - August 2020
  • Young Model - Issue 10 Volume 4
  • IT Girl Model - Issue 9 Volume 7
  • Lipstik - Issue 10 Volume 8


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