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Processing time: 25 days arrival (Handmade item)

  • Featured flag: US flag colors
  • All flags are able to be made. 
  • Featured purse style: Straight cut
  • Bag dimension: Width 11" (28cm), Height 4 1/4" (11com), Depth 1 1/2" (4cm)
  • Stainless steal shoulder chain included.
  • 100% custom handmade product, breathtaking craftsmanship 

JESSICA VANGAALAN - Style Spokesperson

"The USA is full of opportunities, empowerment, and dreams. This clutch embodies all of that and more! It showcases a woman’s confidence, personality and love for her country. I am honored to be chosen to represent this gorgeous Mac Duggal USA clutch and humbled to be Miss Eco USA, Miss Eco America’s and Miss United Continents USA 2018"

About Jessica:

My name is Jessica VanGaalen and I’m a model, actress, photographer, beauty queen and entrepreneur. I recently launched an online boutique focusing on accessories for pageants, dancers and models. I graduated from ASU with a Bachelors in Film, Minor in Theatre, a Certificate in Entertainment Technology and was Magna Cume Laude. I spent two years living in Australia during/post University and have a passion for immersing myself in other cultures. I love to be a tomboy and backpack around the world, but I also love to throw on those Marc Defang heels and strut down a runway!

Some of Jessica's accomplishments:

  • Rotary Student of the Month
  • Kiwanis Scholarship
  • Full Ride Academic Scholarship to ASU
  • ASU Magna Cume Laude Graduate
  • Winter Sweetheart Cinderella Woman 2015
  • Arizona Cinderella Woman Overall Beauty 2016
  • Miss Arizona USA Social Media Award Winner 2016
  • Miss Arizona US International 2016
  • Miss Southwest United Continents 2017
  • Miss Eco US 2018  
  • Miss Eco America’s 2018 (crowned the continental winner April 2018 at the International competition in Egypt)
  • Miss United Continents US 2018 (competing in Ecuador this September)



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