Ava Myers

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  • 4" Heels, 1/2" Platforms 
  • Netted Straps (preventing hanging out toes)
  • Satin Straps with Heated on clear crystals
  • Black Faux leather
  • Design and constructed comfortably to fit the feet silhouette. 
  • Light weight, performs amazingly well on stage and runway.
  • Medium Width, runs true to size

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AVA MYERS - Style spokesperson

Ava loves modeling, pageants, cheer and water skiing. But most importantly she is a young lady who does not allow limitations to hold her back! She defines herself not by her condition but by her abilities to overcome it.

When Ava was 5 weeks old she developed a cold, which turned into pneumonia and filled her lungs with fluid. She was hospitalized and upon being admitted she flatlined. Thankfully the Nurses and Doctors were there to perform CPR and defibrillate her heart. As a result she was oxygen deprived for over a minute and a half, thus leaving her with Cerebral Palsy.

Ava does not allow this condition to hold her back. Although her condition is very mild, traces can been seen if one looks very closely. But Ava’s inner beauty shines so brightly that it quickly puts any physical concerns in the shadows and her outer beauty shines through. 

Growing up with a disability has given Ava the drive to travel her own path to meet her goals and to fulfill her dreams. She devotes a lot of her time to working with kids that also have conditions that are limiting. She hopes to be an inspiration to show these children that with a strong support system and strong sense of self worth anything is possible. 

Ava defines beauty in an entirely new way and, much like your shoes, she is a ground breaking design. 

Like a Marc Defang design, Ava is radiant and unique. She sparkles when the light hits her and she knows no boundaries. She exudes a sense of strength while remaining beautifully delicate. 

Ava always says, “In a pair of Marc Defang’s anything is possible!”

Some of Ava's accomplishments:

  • 2018 CCP Jr Teen
  • 2018 NCR Young Miss North Carolina
  • 2018 NCR Overall Fitness Winner
  • 2018 NCR Citizenship Award
  • 2018 UNM Miss Union County Jr Teen
  • 2018 Jade Catalog Model
  • 2018 UNM Southeastern Sweetheart Jr Teen Runway Model 2
  • 018 Spokesmodel for Hometown Heroes



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