Most of our customers are mainly from USA, Canada, UK and Australia.  Most of them purchase their products through this official Marc Defang online store.  Throughout years, we have served countless customers, here are some of the written reviews they have left for us, check out what they have to say! 


Chrissy Gunnon - USA -  November 8th, 2017 (SpakleMe)yellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpg

Love "Just purchased these shoes for an opening number for a pageant for my daughter! She absolutely loves them and says they are so comfortable! They have just enough sparkle to show off on stage! This is the third pair (different types obviously). We would highly recommend this shoe and any other from Marc Defang! ."


Christina - USA - Aug 18, 2017 (Mirror flatsyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpggreystar.jpg

Better than the photos! "The shoes are amazing! They look so much better irl than in the photos. So shiny and sparkly. The size seems a bit bigger than average. I should have gone down a half size. The only reason why I gave it a 4 instead of a 5 is because it has some really sharp edges. Maybe one fragment shifted during shipment but it's almost sticking straight out. I'm a little concerned it might tear my wedding dress."

Haley - USA - Aug 18, 2017 (Bridal Pearl Clutch)yellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpg

Beautiful!!  "Bought this with the amethyst pearls and it is absolutely beautiful! Recommend."

Sandra Mccoy -USA-Aug 10, 2017 (Isabella Schmitt-Tween Sandal pumps)yellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpg

Beige Sandals "This was my first time purchasing any Marc Defang shoes. Bought them for my daughter and both of us are in love with them. They are very well made, and the cushioning was much more than I expected. We highly recommend these shoes, A+++++++++++++++, and fast delivery."

Chris - USA - Aug 3rd, 2017 (AirKnit Sneakers)yellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpg

Air Knit Sneakers "These are incredibly comfortable. It is like walking on pillows. The value and quality are incredible. Im giving these shoes a 5 Star Rating and 2 Thumbs up !! Thank you Marc DeFang you have done it again :)"

JUNE 2017

Jennifer Saffold - USA - June 25th, 2017 (Bridal Pumps w/hearts bow details)yellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpg

Luxury bridal pumps "I just received my bridal shoes and omg was I blown away!!!! They look even better in person! I am extremely happy that mark defang will be apart of my big day! Not only did the shoes blow me away but the impeccable customer service, very quick and Immediate responses. thabk you so much to the mark defang team for these flawless beautiful shoes that took mine and my bridesmaids breath away :)"

Stacy Palilla - USA - June 23rd, 2017 (Aeowyn Holmes)yellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpg

Gorgeous Accessory!! "These shoes are just beautiful! My daughter can't wait to wear them on the National stage. Thank you, Marc!"

Tanya E - USA - June 4th, 2017 (Personalized crystal purse)yellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpg

High quality "Received my custom clutch and picture did not do it justice!  High quality, LOVE IT!!"

Dr. Mary Kenndy - USA - June 4th, 2017 (AB Crystals large clutch)yellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpg

AB Crystal clutch. "I order the slingback shoes last year in AB crystals, so I order the clutch in AB crystals to match last month, I got clutch it match perfect with my shoes. Gorgeous! Thank you for asking."

Kellie - USA - June 4th, 2017 (Pearl embellished sneakers)yellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpg

Perfect! "High quality workmanship! Love them! Thank you!"

MAY 2017

Regeina Becker - USA - May 12th, 2017 (Luxury Pumps Hearts Details)yellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpg

Beautiful Hearts "The shoes are amazing and even more beautiful in person. These are going to be the most perfect shoes for my wedding. Thank You MARC DEFANG for doing such great work and having such beautiful products available. They fit great and definitely have the sparkle and shine needed to give the wow factor needed for a wedding ceremony Bride shoe."

Lindsey Haukom - USA - May 4th, 2017 (Crystal Strappy Sandal Heels)yellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpg

Formal Evening Strappy Sandal Heels "I just received my AB Crystal Strappy Evening Formal Sandal Heels in the mail and they are STUNNING! I cannot wait to wear them on the Mrs. United States stage. These shoes are a statement piece. -xoxo- Lindsey Haukom, Mrs. Kentucky United States 2017"

APRIL 2017

C - USA - April 25th 2017 (Crystalized Criss Cross Sandal Pumps)yellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpg

Stunning! "I absolutely love this design, is it definitely a favourite and a thousand times more stunning in real life! To compare it, I'd say it gives a sexier, sophisticated image to the leg, especially if you are a shorter girl like me, it is a great option because these straps make the legs look longer and slimmer, there is no chunkiness and it is very elegant in shape and design. For me the straps at the side were too big, which was the only thing so I had to have the back adjusted, but apart from this it is the almost perfect shoe and I love it!. Thank you Marc Defang for your wonderful creations!I got last week and I love ❤️ it so gorgeous and the bag the bag it came is so nice very happy"

Dliris - USA - April 17th 2017 (Nude Tween closed toe Pumps)yellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpg

Cutest ever "This shoe is very good quality, true to size, nice material! Super fast shipping and fast response on customer service! My girl love it!"

Joanna - USA - April 4th 2017 (Basic Crystal Tumbler)yellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpg

Basic Crystal Numbler "I got last week and I love ❤️ it so gorgeous and the bag the bag it came is so nice very happy"

MARCH 2017

Oksana Vovk-Ms. America 2017 - USA - March 26th 2017 (Title holder large crystal clutch)yellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpg

Stunning and perfectly sized. "Hi Marc, thank you so much to you and your wonderful team for making my recent Ms. America 2017 appearance a total hit! Our purse made the news in LA and for the first time I was able to fit all my things into an evening clutch! The sparkle of this purse cannot be outdone and the size if perfect. Thank you again and I am looking forward to my next purchase :-)"

Denise Cooper - USA - March 9th 2017yellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpg

Multicolor Crystal Tippy Top in RED "Ordered the Multicolor Crystal RED for my daughter's prom and they are exquisite! She absolutely loves them! We have ordered several times and are always very pleased with each selection. Will certainly be ordering again soon!"

Amy Banks - USA - March 9th 2017 (Tween Nude closed toe pumps)yellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpg

Perfect Fit "Great quality shoe and true to size fit. My daughter is thrilled!"

Rosane Plante - USA - March 7th 2017 (Back Bow Pumps)yellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpg

Back Bow Pumps!!  "These shoes are just as cute as they look on the website! They will be perfect pageant interview shoes, or adorable work shoes with a business suit! Mrs. Iowa International 2016 loves them!!!"

Rosane Plante - USA - March 7th 2017 (Title Holder's Crystalized Purse)yellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpg

Title holder purse!  "This is a dream purse! Beautiful and eye catching! Mrs. Iowa International loves her purse!!!!"

Holly Carroll - USA - March 2nd, 2017 (Patent leather high heel Slingbacks)yellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpg

Gorgeous & Well made "I am thrilled with this purchase. I am a shoe lover in every sense of the word. I stopped counting my shoes after I reached 500. So I know quality, style, performance and esthetics. This is my first purchase from Marc Defang so I wasn't sure what to expect. This black patent sling back with the red soles are stunning, sturdy and super comfy. They have a great toe box, doesn't pinch my smaller toes and has a perfect pitch so you do not feel as if you are wearing a 6" heel but rather a shorter 3" heel, that's a perfect shoe to me. The actual heel is quite sturdy so I don't feel any wobble when walking. The heel sling strap stays put too! Bonus! I love wearing high heels every single day because they do many things for my confidence. I feel feminine, classy and stylish wearing these patent sling backs. I highly recommend these to any ladies who also enjoy wearing a beautiful high heel shoes that looks crazy expensive and isn't!"

Holly Carroll - USA - March 2nd, 2017 (Patent leather strappy sandal platform heels)yellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpggreystar.jpg

Beautiful shoes & Great price "I am thrilled with this purchase. I am a shoe lover in every sense of the word. I stopped counting my shoes after I reached 500. So I know quality, style, performance and esthetics. This is my first purchase from Marc Defang so I wasn't sure what to expect. This Nude 2 are very pretty, feminine and light weight. . They have a great toe box, doesn't pinch my smaller toes and has a perfect pitch so you do not feel as if you are wearing a 6" heel but rather a shorter 3" heel, that's a perfect shoe to me. The only complaint/concern I have is the heel is not stable, it wobbles when I walk. I purchased this Nude 2 pair first because I intended to order a pair in the Sapphire crystals to go with my pageant dress, now I think I may not. I need a stable heel to walk on stage. The sling back has a very sturdy heel in contrast! I love wearing high heels every single day because they do many things for my confidence. I feel feminine, classy and stylish wearing these patent heels. I highly recommend these to any ladies who also enjoy wearing a beautiful high heel shoes that looks crazy expensive and isn't!"

Kelly Sabol - USA - March 2nd, 2017 (Personalized handmade crystal clutch)yellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpg

Eye-catching and surprisingly practical "It's rare that a gorgeous purse is also practical, yet this clutch manages to hold everything and still look elegant. The closure is hefty & durable and will remain closed, even if you fill this clutch until it's full! While not in use, you'll never want to keep this clutch in your closet; it's something you'll desire to have on full-display."

Kelly Sabol - USA - March 2nd, 2017 (Crystalized Personalized Tumbler)yellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpg

Marc's creativity knows no bounds! "What an honor it is to own a Marc Defang creation as beautiful and unique as this! I'm absolutely FLOORED with this new creation by Marc Defang! We had a small crowd gathered around my desk when I unboxed it and it continues to be a conversation piece. Those who ask to hold it when the shine catches their eye almost always comment on their surprise of the quality and heft of the tumbler & the stones used. The design used was so incredibly representative of the Miss United States crown & the system as a whole. If you're a fan of his shoes, you NEED this Marc Defang tumbler to bring glamour to those days when your AB-encrusted Stephi Williams or tippy top shoes just aren't practical. :)"


Silvia - USA - Feb 28th 2017 (Bridal 3" Heels Crystal Pumps w Bow Accent)yellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpg

Tiffany Blue Crystal shoes "I bought a pair of Tiffany Blue Crystal Shoes for my daughter! It's her sweet sixteen in April/2017, we just loved the shoes! I never saw anything like it! It was our first Mark Defang's shoes, but definitely not the last! Keep up the good work and the excellency on customer service!"

Tasha Markel - USA - Feb 24th 2017 (Patent leather strappy sandal platform heels)yellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpg

AMAZING "Love them, so comfortable and adorable so worth the purchase"


Deborah Maupin - USA - Jan 17th 2017 (Crystal Title Sneakers)yellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpg

Best shoes ever "Ordered for my daughter and she so loves these shoes, She is wearing them to pageants and dance conventions.  Thank you Marc Defang for the best shoe desings ever."

Zoe Linvillr - USA - Jan 13th 2017 (Embellished Converse)yellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpg

Shoes "Love, Love and Love them. Beautiful as always. You are the best. Thank you"

Heather - USA - Jan 13th 2017 (Embellished Converse)yellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpg

LOVE LOVE "I ordered my daughter a pair of these for Christmas and she absolutely loves them! The shoes fit her perfectly and she looks super cute with them on! I loved them so much on her I got myself a pair! Great job, Fast shipping and true to size!"

Unknown - France -Jan 4th, 2017 (AB Crystal sandal pumps) yellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpg

PERFECT! "Dream shoes! I feel so happy that can pick the color of crystal and mix or match the shoe base color.  I ordered 7 pairs and they are extremely comfortable, a million times more beautiful than I expected and look like diamonds shinning in the light, seriously gorgeous! Straps easy to adjust, angle perfect and some spare crystals provided incase of any accident.  People compliment them straight away and they are really sparkly, I have already worn mine a lot and twirled and had super long walks in them - they are very comfortable to wear as an every day shoe as well as special occasion shoe!  Durable and absolutely stunning!  Thank you Marc Defang for providing such beautiful, comfortable creations."

Anna Wolfe - United Kingdom - Jan 5th, 2017 (Patent leather strappy sandal platform heels) yellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpg

Most beautiful shoes I've ever seen! "I ordered 5 pairs from Marc and a handbag, 2 of them being the custom crystalized red and silver and there are so many positive things I can say about these true works of art. The crystals are beautiful how they catch the light just shows they are good quality. The beautiful heels in nude 2 and pink are perfect color matches to what you see on the website and all pairs are oh so comfortable! I also really like the added secure clip feature as I have boney ankles and normally strapped shoes either slide around on my feet or chafe but these didn't. The handbag is a perfect match to the nude 2 heels and the stitching alone is done to a high standard and good quality materials! I've sent over at least 10 friends to his groups and will continue to add more as well as I will be back to buy more for myself."

Unkown - France - Jan 4th, 2017 (AB Crystal sandals heels) yellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpg

So beautiful!  "I ordered several colors for myself to wear in every day life and occasions, I loved the photos of the shoes and when they arrived I was amazed to find that they are truly a thousand times more beautiful, sparkly and perfect in real life than any photo, honestly I cannot get enough of staring at them and wearing them all the time, they are like a dream!

If you like the photos you will love the real thing!  They are so comfy, no pain whatsoever from the ankle and you can adjust the straps easily around the back of your foot if you need to change the fit, remember that because at the beginning I thought my left foot might chafe a bit but they adjusted the straps and it is PERFECT, seriously no problems and SO so so comfortable.  The only thing to check is your country import tax, if you live a broad and are ordering several at a time, I had mind shipped to France and had to pay some extra money to the post office.  Other than that, everything is perfect, they are stunning shoes, comfortable and I wish I could buy them in every color.  Thank you so much Marc Defang for designing such beautiful, dream perfect shoes!  I am very grateful and truly love them so much."


Britt - USA - December 28th, 2017 (Patent leather strappy sandal platform heels)yellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpgyellowstar1.jpg
WOW!! "First of all the packaging is so lux!  2 separate bags.  1 for each shoe and then 1 bigger bag to put them in together.  With the classy Marc Defang Logo on it! You feel like royalty.  Now lets get to the fit.  Normally wear a 7.  There was no 7 so got the 7.5. Perfect fit!!  The arch felt so subtle and not harsh!  A shoe that you can wear for long periods of time.  Stable and not clunky feeling.  Definitely one to become the new go to shoe!"

Jessica Poticher - USA - Dec 6th, 2016 ( Patent leather strappy sandal platform heels yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpggreystar.jpg
Pageant girls best friend "These shoes are pageant girl's best friend!  They look great with any outfit, make your legs look amazing and not too hard to walk in even thought they are so tall!"

Rhonda Griggs - USA - Dec 5th, 2016( Patent leather strappy sandal platform heels yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Love these shoes, they are beautiful "Best shoes ever!"

Ashley Strickland - USA - Dec 5th, 2016 (Patent leather strappy sandal platform heels) yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Life Saver! "I have been wearing a different brand of shoes for swimsuit competition for the past year and a half.  I have tried for such a long time learning to walk them and perfecting my swimsuit walk.  However, I was constantly battling my shoes.  The straps would never stay on, no matter what I tried.  And no, my shoes were not too big.  I was incredibly frustrating.  After many times contemplating buying the Marc Defang shoes, I finally gave in and purchased.  Absolutely the best decision I've made!  I promise, you'll love these shoes!"

Delerice Clarke - USA - Dec 1st, 2016 (Pageant title holder clutchyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Clutch is AMAZING  "Thank you so much Marc I received my personalized clutch today, and it looks so beautiful.  I LOVE the way it sparkles.  I can't wait to wear it"


AASpangler - USA - Nov 21st, 2016 ( Patent leather strappy sandal platform heels) yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Tippy tops are top notch  "My Heels are easy to wear and super comfortable!! I plan to buy all colors!"

EO921 - USA - Nov 15th, 2016 (5.5" Strappy Wedges AB Crystalsyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Favorite Pair of Shoes...EVER!!!  "These are my new FAVORITE shoes...of all time.  They'r exactly as advertised.  If you love the photographs, you'll love these shoes!!! I can't wait to wear them!"

Pamela Beauchamp - USA - Nov 9th, 2016 (3" Pageant Title shoesyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Bling-Tastic!!!  "Our daughter was so overjoyed when she received these incredibly beautiful and hand-crafted works of art! Not only are they amazing to look at, but she said they were they most comfortable and well fitting pageant shoes she has ever worn! 

I was also impressed with the tremendous amount of personalized attention given by Marc Defang to help me customize each side face of the shoes to say exactly what I wanted to have in the crystals, and I was able to customize the color of the bottom of the pageant shoes as well. Even after giving up her title later this month, these beautiful pageant heels will be well used and proudly featured in many Red Carpet and special events, and will forever be a keepsakes that will last for a lifetime!"


Shilpa - USA - October 29th, 2016 (Laura Clark - 6" Platform Patent leather High Heel Pumpsyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
An Amalgam of Beauty and Comfort! "I purchased these Marc Defang New York Closed-toe shoes in Aqua/Tiffany color. They are beautiful, durable, and fashionable.    I have several pairs of Marc Defang New York shoes. I can attest that Marc Defang New York shoes are the most well-made footwear in the industry. The beauty of these shoes is matched only by their comfort and functionality. Unlike the shoes of other designers, Marc Defang New York can be worn for a much longer duration without compromising on comfort.   I highly recommend Marc Defang New York shoes - excellent footwear and superlative customer service. Try will never go back to another brand." 

Shilpa - USA - October 29th, 2016 (6" high Heel Red Patent leather Pumpsyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Magnificent Marc Defang Closed-toe Shoes "I purchased these Marc Defang New York Closed-toe shoes. They are beautiful, durable, and fashionable. They can be worn comfortably for several hours.    I have several pairs of Marc Defang New York shoes. I can attest that Marc Defang New York shoes are the most well-made footwear in the industry. The beauty of these shoes is matched only by their comfort and functionality. Unlike the shoes of other designers, Marc Defang New York can be worn for a much longer duration without compromising on comfort.  I highly recommend Marc Defang New York shoes - excellent footwear and superlative customer service. Try will never go back to another brand." 

Daisy Patterson - USA - October 24th, 2016 (Patent leather strappy sandal platform heels) yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Comfortable class.  "These cute strappy sandals are a perfect accessory to any outfit, my daughter has them in nude and red! They are comfortable and classy. " 

 Vivienne Cornett - USA - October 2nd, 2016 (Patent leather strappy sandal platform heels) yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
"I can't wait to wear these at nationals!!! "


Sheri McInnis - USA - Sept 24th, 2016 (Square Tote Nude IIIyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Quality and style is great. "The style, size and quality is more than I was expecting. It can also double as a tote bag. I would highly recommend this purse and will definitely be ordering more." 

Nisha- USA - Sept 7th, 2016 (Classic AB crystals luxury bridal flatsyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Marc Defang Shoes for your Sole! "I have several pairs of Marc Defang New York shoes. I can attest that Marc Defang New York shoes are the most well-made footwear in the industry. The beauty of these shoes is matched only by their comfort and functionality. I highly recommend Marc Defang New York shoes.  Excellent footwear and superlative customer service. Try will never go back to another brand."

Nisha - USA - Sept 7th, 2016 (Emerald Green Crystal Based Marc Defang Exclusive Part of Peacock Heelsyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
The Dancing Peacock by Marc Defang New York.  "I have several pairs of Marc Defang New York shoes. I can attest that Marc Defang New York shoes are the most well-made footwear in the industry. The beauty of these shoes is matched only by their comfort and functionality.  The peacock design is breathtakingly beautiful. Each and every crystal shimmers exuding pride of handmade craftsmanship. What's more? These incredible shoes are extremely comfortable. I love my "The Dancing Peacock by Marc Defang New York" shoes!  I highly recommend Marc Defang New York shoes - excellent footwear and superlative customer service. Try will never go back to another brand."

Unknown- USA - September 1st, 2016 (Tweens 2.5" Heels Multi-tone Nude Rounded Closed Toe Platform Pumpsyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Beautiful quality. "These shoes are gorgours, the quality was amazing and my daughter was thrilled.  They do run a little small in my opinion, Maybe 1/2 a size smaller!  well worth the money!!"


Jessica Poticher - USA - August 26th,  2016 (Kenzie Thoen - Ombre crystal pumpsyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Dorothy's Shoes have nothing on these!!! "SO in love with my Marc Defang's! Mine look a whole lot different then these on here...but in a good way!"

Tasha - State Director for Mrs. NC & SC United States 2016 - USA - August 23rd,  2016 (Personalized Luxury Crystal Large Evening clutch)
Beautiful Purses! ."I definitely love the purses for our state queens! They are beautiful! Thanks again for being a sponsor for our pageant system!!"

Yvette - USA - August 22nd,  2016 (Classic baby pink crystals luxury bridal flatsyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Outstanding!"Just one word to describe how much I love these shoes. I wear a US size 7, 38 and that is what I ordered. Perfect fit. also I custom ordered a 4.25 heel for my wedding and that is the highest heel I wear. Again, PERFECT.  Yes, they look exactly like the photo. more beautiful than you can image. Also, asked to remove the bow from the back of the shoe."

Wendi Russo, Mrs USA United Nations 2016 - USA - August 2nd,  2016 (Stephanie Jill - American Prideyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Everyone loves these. "I wore them as part of my fashion runway wear and got so many compliments on them! I would go up a half size! Great for patriotic holidays too!"

JULY 2016

Teresa Shannon - USA - July 25th,  2016 (5" heels title holders clear crystals platform heelsyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg  
Champagne stoned closed toe shoe. "These shoes are beautiful and my daughter LOVES them. Marc is WONDERFUL. Prompt to customer emails and delivers on promises!!!"

Kristen Ledyard - USA - July 24th,  2016 (5" heels title holders crystallized platform heelsyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Mrs. Montana Review. "Absolutely beautiful, balanced, and amazing comfort. I work my feet everyday with my Catering business and what a joy to put these heels on even after a hard day at work. They will help me shine at Nationals."

Cynthia Benavidez - USA - July 21st,  2016 (Title holder large evening purseyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Everything I imagined... and more!!! "This handbag was a gift for my daughter as she has always admired them. She was over joyed when I gave it to her... literally screamed :) It is absolutely breathtaking and worth every penny."

Kyi Sint - USA - July 16th,  2016 (Patent leather strappy sandal platform heels) yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Thank you. "I love wearing these heels. They are super comfortable. I wore them to a wedding and danced in them all night. When the night ends, my feet didn't even hurt. I would high recommend this to anyone looking for comfortable high heels."

Melissa Ocampo - USA - July 15th,  2016 (Gracie Gipson - High heel, Platform Strappy Heelsyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Comfortable, Classy and Fabulous! "I wore them to model in a fashion show, they matched every outfit and they were so easy/comfortable to walk in."

Kelly - USA - July 11th,  2016 (Renee McNair - Crystalized Sneakersyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
STUNNING! "These shoes look amazing on the website, but I have to say...they are even more STUNNING in person!!! My daughter is so excited to wear her new Marc Defang tennies at Miss Pre-Teen United States!!!"

Alyssa Dass - USA - July 5th,  2016 (Christiana DiNardo - Ruby Red Dorothy's Crystal Bridal Heelsyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpggreystar.jpg
Love."Love my Marc Defangs!"

JUNE 2016

Debbie Larsen - USA - June 30th,  2016 (Alanah Johnson - Kids Mary Jane Crystal shoes) yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Starbright Angel the Alanah Johnson Shoe.  "My Granddaughter, Lauren Resinger wore these shoes in The Today's American Kid Pageant which is a part of Today's International Woman Pageant. Lauren put her Marc DeFang shoes on and she said " I feel like a real Princess now." Lets just say Lauren loved them so much they also became part of her pajama assemble for bed. Sweet dreams Princess Lauren."

Alyssa Sansone - USA - June 25th,  2016 ( Patent leather strappy sandal platform heels) yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
In loveeeeee♡ "I am so in love with these shoes !! Cant wait to rock them at internationals!"

Unknown - USA - June 3rd,  2016 (3.5" Clear Grey Crystals 3.5" Heels Luxury Wedding Bridal Pumpsyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Best shoes ever!!  "Our first Marc Defang shoes and they exceeded our expectations!! Beautiful!"

Amy Charles - USA - June 3rd,  2016 (Jessica Toussaint-Corset style Pointed toe crystal slingback sandals)   yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg 
My Wedding Ensemble Is Finally Complete!! "I am overly pleased with the shoes I received, I tought that the 8.5 would be a little big, as I normally wear an 8, but if fit like a glove!!!  You can tell a lot of love and patience went into the production of these shoes... and it definitely shows.  I also was very excited about getting the heel corks, additional crystals and glue, Hands down.... These are now my favorite pair of shoes!"

Alexandra Hatto - USA - June 1st,  2016 (Finest 2-5mm Mixed AB Crystals Luxury Bridal Heels)  yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
PERFECT!  "Absolutely the best shoes I have ever worn!!! They are absolutely breathtaking.  I can't wait to wear them for my wedding and any other chance I get!"

MAY 2016

Rosanne Plante - USA - May 31st,  2016 (Capri blue Mixed Fine Crystals, Ombre Style Luxury 3.5 Pointy Toe Pumps)  yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Mrs. Iowa International 2016 Loves the Shoes!! "I ordered these shoes to wear in the upcoming Mrs. International Pageant to be held in July 2016.  I can not wait to wear these shoes on stage and sparkle!!!!!  They are my secret weapon!!!"

Debra K. Lamb - USA - May 30th,  2016 ( Patent leather strappy sandal platform heels  yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Love these shoes! "I love these shoes!  I have these shoes in the Nude #1, Pink, Aqua and Black, They fit amazing and look awesome!"

Brittany Cathcart - USA - May 25th,  2016 (Gracie Gipson - 6" high heel Strappy platform sandals)  yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Fashion and Comfort. "These are the most comfortable 6" heels I have ever worn.  They are fashion forward on and off stage. Simply put these babies are a must have!"

Unknown - USA - May 22nd,  2016 (Marc Defang 6" High Heel Platfrom Patent Leather Slingbacks)  yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Daughter loves her Marc Defang shoes "Our first pair and love them."

Traci Russell - USA - May 20th,  2016 (Andreia Gibau - Sueded Block Heel Strap Sandals)  yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Appraling to the eye with fantastic comfort. "I just adore both pairs of heels, They are incredible.  I love the fact that I was able to customize my second pair with zebra print without issues.  Based on the style of the shoe it is true to size.  I look forward to getting my next pair of Marc Defang heels."

Margie Perry - USA - May 19th,  2016 (Renee McNair - Crystalized Sneakers)  yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
The kids will LOVE the BLING!. "I could not love these sneakers more!  What a beautiful surprise!  When I visit Children's Hospital I am unable to wear heels so these are exactly what the Doctor ordered!  Margie Perry - Mrs. Washington Int'l 2016"

Sheila Barros - USA - May 14th,  2016 (Andreia Gibau - Sueded Ankle Strap Block Heel Sandals)   yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg  
The best comfortable shoes. "I'm in love with the shoes and I'm going to buy all colors, it is a comfortable shoe, I love it."

Julie Howerton - USA - May 12th,  2016 (Luxury snow diamond bridal flatsyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Even more amazing than expected "This is the second pair of Marc Defang shoes I've purchased, and I didn't think I could be more satisfied than I was with the first pair, yet these are even more stunning !!! The quality of work , and the care of including shoe bags, extra stones and glue and heel pads to use if needed. I will continue to purchase these gorgeous products !!"

Unkown - USA - May 12th,  2016 (Block Heel Strappy Sandal Wedges)  yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
My New Marc Defangs "Love my new shoes, they look fabulous on! Can't wait to wear them!"

Sara McKain - USA - May 9th,  2016 (5" heels title holder pumps)  yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
I LOVE MY SHOES!! "So has everyone wh has seen them"

APRIL 2016

Sara McKain - USA - April 29,  2016 (Off white pearl peep toe bridal heels)  yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Beautiful and fast. "I absolutely LOVE them there beautiful. I'm braking them in already and letting them air our because they have a strong smell to them. other then that there perfect thanx for the extras just incase btw."

Tomomi - USA - April 29,  2016 (Nikki Clark - Ombre patent leather pumps)   yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg  
Killer Shoes!!  "The shoes themselves are just breathtakingly gorgeous! But yet they make your feet look absolutely stunning too! This is my power shoes. They make me feel stylish, gorgeous and powerful that I can conquer the world!"

Julia L. - USA - April 28,  2016 (6" high heels AB Crystal Snow Diamond Luxury Platform Pumps)   yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg 
Absolutely Breathtaking! "It is a beautiful piece of art work he has crafted. It truly is breathtaking and will go with anything and make you stand out! I got the ab stones and it is gorgeous! You WILL NOT be disappointed."

Julia L. - USA - April 28,  2016 (AB Crystals Strappy sandal platforms heels)   yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg 
Show stopping and comfy! "Absolutely breathtaking and super comfy. Just the right amount of bling to add detail to any outfit and if you are a shoe lover like me you must have these in your collection!"

Julia L. - USA - April 28,  2016 (Kayanie faith)   yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg  
Comfy and awesome! "Love them and they are better than any other shoe. You can seriously wear all day and do not hurt. It also has flex which you can't say usually about this height. Get yours today and you will not regret it."

Unkown - USA - April 22nd,  2016 (Pat Miller - Crystalized Cinderellas pointed to with crystal bow details)  yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Wedding CInderella Shoes! "I ordered my Pat Miller Clear Crystal Cinderella shoes on 3/31/16. I received my shoes on 4/20/16! It truly only took 3 weeks for them to design and ship my shoes! I also need to mention that after I placed my order, I realized that I should probably increase my shoe size by a half size. I e-mailed them on 4/04/16 and they were able to change my size from 9.5 to 10. I wanted an increase because I plan on wearing these shoes for my wedding and wanted to make sure I was completely comfortable on my day. Needless to say, I received a response the very same day stating that they increased the shoe size without any issues. Fantastic. Now, when I received the shoes this past week, they were packaged in a nice shoe box. Each shoe was placed in a cover bag, and I was also pleasantly surprised with extra crystals, glue, and heels. The shoes were absolutely beautiful! They look exactly how they look on the website and even better. The quality is great and I am beyond happy with my purchase. I might be more excited about my shoes then my wedding dress :-)."

Heather Garcia - USA - April 14,  2016 (Kayanie Faith)   yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg 
Beautiful! "These shoes are so beautiful!!! They exceeded my expectation!  I can't wait to wear them!."

Jason Fienhold-Haasis - USA - April 14, 2016 (Luxury Mens Jet Black Crystal Groom Celebrity Shoesyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Amazing quality!  "The shoes are of the highest quality, the fit is perfect and they look absolutely amazing!  The color of the crystals is great and they sparkle from every angle.  I am very pleased with my purchase and looking forward to order some in another color!"

MARCH 2016

Traci Russell - USA - March 30,  2016 (Andreia Gibau - Block heel sueded strappy sandals)  yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Love my nude heels "Perfect for any occasion.  Quality of the product is exquisite.  I look forward to my next purchase."

A. Stephens - USA - March 23,  2016 (Textured AB Iridescent crystals glamorous bridal heels)   yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg 
Sparkle Bomb!!! "These shoes are absolutely stunning!!! The fit is perfect (True to size).  I am blown away by how beautiful they are.  I think another pair is in my future.  If you are looking for a shoe that will turn heads, look no further!"

Linda - USA - March 22,  2016 (Luxury pearl platform heels with crystal heel accent)  yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
I love them! The color was perfect "I was so nervous waiting on these shoes. These were ordered for my wedding. They arrived just as the company said so. I was able to call and speak to a live person and it felt very personable. I am very happy with my shoes. The fit is perfect. I ordered a special order and I got exactly what I wanted. I highly recommend this designer/company. The price I paid was worth every cent!!"

Alison Reid - USA - March 18, 2016 (Jackie Watson - Strappy Platform Wedges)  yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Love the Jackie Watson! "Shoes are very light and also have passing in the sole which make them comfortable for all day wear! Can't wait to order in a different color!"

KB - USA - March 10, 2016 (Multicolor Stripes Luxury Platform Heels)   yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Wow Factor "This shoe is aboslutely gorgeous!  A great investment to add to your shoe collction.  I received the shoes much quicker than anticipated."

Tomomi Melton - USA - March 7, 2016 (Luxury Bridal Clutch with Bow accent)  yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Perfect clutch to carry from lip gloss and mirror to bobby pins and hairnet "I purchased this clutch for my daughter who is a pageant girl/ballerina who goes to many appearances, rehearsals and performances.  This is THE perfect clutch for her to carry everything from lip gloss, hand mirror, safety pins to bobby pins and hair net - that she needs for her special occasions.  And at the same time, she can be stylish and sparkle!  The bow is just so cute and perfect!  She has received so many compliments."

Patty, Emma and Trudy Lutton - USA - March 3, 2016 (Nikki Clark - Ombre Style Patent Leather Pumps)  yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Beautiful as their namesake! "We received out two pair of Nikki Clark shoes today!!  They are beautiful and high quality!  Can't wait for my two pageant queens to show them off at upcoming events!!  Thank you for always delivering the best."

Jackie Watson - USA - March 3, 2016 (Jackie Watson - Patent leather Strappy Platform Wedges)  yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Perfect fit and style "These shoes are lightwight yet sturdy and with a beautiful design.  The fit is spot-on, and they are so comfortable!  I never thiught a 5.5" heel could be so comfortable!  These shoes look great with just about any outfit.  It is a complete honor to have these shoes named after me, especially since its a shoe I love to wear."

Uknown - USA - March 3, 2016 (Abigail Aleman)  yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
The Abigail Aleman's are Stunning!!!! "These are so beautiful and comfortable. True to size.  My daughter picked her favorite color and they are stunning.  So many color options to choose from!  Highly recommend these."

Amanda Vignerj - USA - March 1, 2016 (Bridal open toe Ivory Pearl Flats)  yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Beautiful! "I got my parl open toe flats in faster than I expected.  They are beautiful!  Exactly what I wanted!  May need to break in a bit, they are a bit stiff but fit perfectly.  I'm very happy with my purchase and can't wait to wear these shoes for my wedding!  Marc Defang customer service is great too, very helpful and quick respond to questions I had prior to ordering.  Thank you!"

Uknown - USA - March 1, 2016 (Ashlyn Braley)  yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Perfect for every outfit! "They are the perfect shows for every outfit and they are comfortable!"


Sarah Henry - USA - Feb 29, 2016 (Pageant title shoes)  yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Oh Canada "I love my custom Canada shoes.  They are even more fantastic than I had expected.  I can not wait to hit the stage, during Fashion Wear, with my beautiful Canada Customer Marc Defangs."

Sarah Henry - USA - Feb 29, 2016 (Gracie Gipson)   yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg 
Love these shoes! "These shoes go great with everything.  Interview, apprearances, Casual Wear or just going out.  Love the quality, style and color!"

Melanie - USA - Feb 7, 2016 (Panthers Sports Sneakers)   yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg 
Gorgeous Carolina Pathers Heels!! "These shoes are everything I dreamed of and more!!!! They are absolutely stunning and I'm so excited that you were able to get them to me before the big game, even though there was a delay in finding the correct size shoes and I didn't ask for rush service! I absolutely LOVE them, and can't say enough good things about your customer service, attention to detail, and end product! Five Stars all the way!!!! Thanks so much!!!!"

Unknown - USA - Feb 8, 2015 (Pearl bridal heels with floral motif)  yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpggreystar.jpg
Loving my Defangs!!!.  "I ordered these shoes in blush/pale pink and got them yesterday, I'm so excited I went with them, they are even better than the picture shows. I'm keeping my wedding a secret, so I can't post anything on social media and it's killing me because I want everyone to see how beautiful my shoes are!!!!  All I can say is if you are on the fence with buying these shoes, do it!!!! Buy them, their beauty will NOT disappoint.  I couldn't believe how quickly I got them either!! I got a message on Thursday that they were shipped, they were at my house on Saturday!!!! Thank you so much, SO SO much."

Mark - USA - Feb 1, 2016 (Panthers Sports Sneakers)   yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg  
Panther Shoes. "Super nice shoes, Very unique, Great quality."

Unknown- USA - Feb 1, 2016 (Peridot green crystals Emerald bow and Heel details)   yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg 
Awesome! "Beautiful! The bridgeville to de loves them!"


Nicole Rorie - USA - Jan 8, 2016 (Multicolor Crystal Love Bridal Flats)  yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Amazing and beautiful. "I feel like a princess when I put these on. I love the way I look in these flats because they are so sparkely and femine. Typically I wear heels so when I go with flats they have got to be stunning as these are!"

 Unknown - USA - Jan. 7, 2016 (Peep Toe Pageant Title Holder Crystal Shoes)  yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
National title pageant shoes.  "It was late ordered at beginning of December and didn't get until beginning of January.. But it was worth the wait! They were gorgeous!!!"


Mary Jane Hay - USA - Nov. 26, 2015 (Midheel mirror pumps)  yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpggreystar.jpg
Basic clear crystal pumps.  "Love these shoes. Fit well, looks great, and are so awesome. the ladies from the church just loved them.)"

Unknown - USA - Nov. 22, 2015 (6" Jet Black Crystal Pageant Title Heels)  yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
These shoes are simply stunning.  "I ordered a pair of custom high heels with my pageant logo on the shoes. I have to tell you these shoes are amazing. I couldn't be happier with the style, the look, and the quality. Thank you so much Marc Defang :)"

Daisy - USA - Nov. 20, 2015 (Toddler & Youth Crystalized Sneakers)   yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg  
Sporty Chic "I love the beautiful sneakers they are true to size and well made!! Great job Marc Defang!!"

Unknown - USA - Nov. 16, 2015 (Personalized Mongram Crystal Bridal Heels)   yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg 
Grad Gift! "Love the shoes! Turned out beautifully! The only disappointment was that the soles were not completed as I had requested. Fit perfectly too!" 


Sarina Minaya Reyes - USA - Oct 30, 2015 (Wizard of oz, Dorothy's Ruby Red Crystal Heels)   yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg 
Wonderful and Stylish! "This is my second pair of Marc Defang's and I love them.  The size was too big this time and I contacted customer service and they started processing a new pair the same day!"

Sarah Carmona - Nevada, USA - Oct 13, 2015 (Sexy Dorothy's Luxury Bridal Heels)   yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg 
Stunning! "The shoes were more than I could have imagined. They were my Ruby Red Slipper dreams come true! They withstood lots of elements (concrete, wood, grass). I ran in them too! ♡ They were simply stunning. Thank you for helping me make my wedding dreams a reality""

Unknown- USA - Oct 8, 2015 (Freshwater Baroque Biwa Pearl 10X25mm Sterling silver earrlings)   yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg  
Stunning! "I received my beautiful pearl earrings and I have to say, they exceeded my expectations. The quality and craftsmanship is exceptional. I make and design jewelry and these are quality. I receive so many compliments when I wear them. They go with everything. They are versatile and can go with jeans and a t-shirt or dress up when paired with a cocktail dress and heels. I love them!"


Regina Masso - USA - Sep 27, 2015 (Essential AB cyrstals 5"heels)  yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
AMAZING & BEAUTIFUL! "The shoes were a gift to my daughter for her Sweet 16 birthday - she was truly surprised and cried like a baby in my arms. I couldn't wait and had to give them to her early, since her birthday isn't until January. She does a lot of community service projects and I felt she deserved them now. The shoes are truly beautiful and pictures do them no justice. Queen Kataryna is honored to wear the shoes of such a talented man, Marc Defang, Thank You!" 

Tameron Reed - USA - Sep 3rd, 2015 (Bridal Essential AB cyrstals Heel & Clutch Set)  yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Stunning!! "The shoes are gorgeous and a comfortable fit.  I can't wait to wear them for my baby brothers weding.  The hangbag is dynamic. I am just elated."  


Unknown- USA - August 24, 2015 (Luxury 3-7 Clear Crystals Mixed Clutch)  yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpggreystar.jpg
Beautiful "I love the bag, somehow I pictured it to be a little smaller but it is beautiful."

Jenna Kern - USA - August 22, 2015 (6" high heel pageant title holder crystal heels)  yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Stunning! "I have purchased several pairs of Marc Defang shoes and I love all of them but my personalized ones are by far my favorite. Shoe sizing was correct and they are made very well! Love them!!"

Shannon - USA - August 17, 2015 (Womens Girls' AB Crystal Comfort Lace Up Sneakers)  yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Awesome! "I bought these for my daughter to wear win she makes appearances and to see her face when she first saw them was priceless! Very beautiful! Loved that a small tube of E6000 and a little bag of AB Crystals were included for a "just in case" moment. I only had her name put on them so she can wear them often with any pageant system but I will definitely buy more shoes from Marc for my daughter."

K. Haughton - USA - August 11, 2015 (3" heels AB crystal Strappy Heel Sandals)  yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Unbelievable! "These Strappy Heel Sandals are just gorgeous!! Great price for quality shoe that is very comfortable and simply beautiful. I have also bought 2 customized handbags- never disappointed and customer service is best I have ever encountered. Will be back for more"

Unkown - USA - August 9, 2015 (Youth Crystal Pageant Lace up Sneakers)   yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg  
Lace up tennis shoes "Beautiful detail. My granddaughter loves them and so do I"

Arlene Roth - USA - August 6, 2015 (Miss United States Title holder Heels)   yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg 
The best shoes EVER!! "Sami loves all her Marc Defang shoes but the title ones were quite the hit! I always told her if she won a national title she could have them. So she won and held me to the deal! But they are beautiful and the delivery and customer service is EXCELLENT! Thank you so much for everything! Sami says she definitely has a heel problem LOL :)"

Terri Bunch - USA - August 6, 2015 (Black Crystal Pageant Title Heels)  yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Mrs. USA 2015 Shoes "LOVE my new shoes! My sash is black with crystal accents and my marc defang pageant shoes in black with crystal letting are the perfect match! What an awesome, yet 'functional' keepsake that I will treasure always!"

Elizabeth - USA - August 3, 2015 (3-7mm mixed crystal strappy platform wedges)  yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpggreystar.jpg
Beautiful Wedges!!  "The wedges are absolutely beautiful. A couple issues I have with them, the right shoes zipper is way to the left of the shoe instead of being in the middle and it is a more loose than the left shoe so my right foot slides around a little bit. The shoes themselves are extremely comfortable and even arrived a week earlier than expected!"

JULY 2015

Jenna Kern - USA - July 19, 2015 (7-8mm Akoya Freshwater White Pearl Sterling Silver Zircon Stone Earrings)   yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg 
Perfect for my 9 years old "These arrived just in time for my daughters pageant. These were just perfect for interview. Love the quality!"

Vicki West - USA - July 19, 2015 (3.5" Clear Grey Crystals Luxury Bridal Heels)  yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpggreystar.jpg
My first designer shoes "The shoes are very stiff and have to be broken in. I have a very high arch so it shows some on the side of the shoes-I used heel inserts for my foot to fit tighter in the shoe- it was flopping off my heel otherwise..I ordered the 61/2 that I normally wear - so I would say its pretty true to size. They are very easy to walk in with the higher heel and platform. I am 63 and higher heels are harder for me to walk in- but these do just fine. Very blingy and look so good- really dresses up your outfits."

Rhonda - USA - July 11, 2015 (7-7.5mm Akoya Saltwater Pearl Sterling Silver Zircon Stone Earrings)  yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Just right "I really like these, the size is just right. And the stone accent looks like a heart."

Unknown - USA - July 10, 2015 (Ivory mixed pearl luxury bridal flats)  yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Absolutely Perfect!! "I bought these shoes to wear for my wedding and was beyond excited when they showed within a couple weeks of purchasing! They are just as beautiful in person as they look online -- I could not stop admiring them and wearing them around my house! They seem to be very comfortable. I usually wear a size 7 shoes but went for the 7.5... they are a tiny bit big but fit perfectly with a no-show shoe liner. They even gave me some extra pearls and glue in case anything falls off! I highly recommend these shoes/this company to anyone!"

Unknown - USA - July 6, 2015 (Little girls' personalized title shoesyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Youth shoes "these shoes are amazing. Thank you Marc for the awesome shoes "

Deirdre Appel - USA - July 4th, 2015 (7-8mm freshwater pearl zircon stone sterling sliver earrings)yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Beautiful Earrings with Exquisite pearls!  "Marc knows the secret of great jewelry design - a graceful elegant setting, unparalleled craftsmanship and let the stones/pearls take center stage. Perfect!! "

JUNE 2015

Kristy Sunderlin - USA - June 30, 2015 (Personalized Monogram Bridal Crystal Heels)  yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Breathtaking shoes "These heels are wonderful! They are better than I could have ever expected and surprisingly comfortable! My bridesmaids may get them too."

Kristy Sunderlin - USA - June 30, 2015 (Personalized Love Monogram crystal clutch) yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
AMAZING "This product is absolutely amazing. I am so excited to have it! The clutch matches the shoes perfect!"

Kara - USA - June 29, 2015 (Contrasted color details ballet flats) yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Mine are stunning!  "I got these shoes in silver and ivory with an open toes. They are even more stunning, beautiful and classy looking in-person then I could have ever imagined! I was so worried they would have a cheap look and that is definitely not the case. Everyone at my wedding had nothing but compliments about my shoes and were wowed about how unique they were. Thank you!"

Connie Miller - USA - June 12, 2015 (Girl's Black Mesh Top Lace up Fashion Sneakers) yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
She LOVES her new Marc Defangs "I purchased these for my 12 year old daughter and she screamed with excitement when she opened the box! Great product and arrived very quick. I can not wait to see these on stage!!"

Unknown - USA - June 11, 2015 (Miss United States Crystalized Title Shoes)  yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
Fantabulous!!! "I'm truly addicted to Marc Defang shoes!!! These are the perfect gift to anyone who loves bling!!!"

Unknown - USA - June 1, 2015 (Marc Defang American Pride II) yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
"I ordered my shoes at the beginning of one month and didn't get it until the following month. It's not a awful thing, it's just something to be aware of if you don't get the 15 day rush fee. Other than that, they are exactly what I wanted and the shoes light up any room I'm in!"

Marisa Hitt - Kansas, USA - June 1, 2015 (Luxury Crystals Bridal Clutch)  yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
MARC DEFANG CLUTCH  "A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!  My titleholder clutch is perfect! The care in the hand work is evident and it is absolutely beautiful! It is a timeless piece"

MAY 2015

Brooke Calle - USA - May 28, 2015 (Luxury Crystal Bridal Heels with Front Bow Accent)  yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
MY DREAM SHOES!  "They are better then i expected. Stunning!"

Bev C - USA - May 26, 2015 (3-7mm Mixed Size Clear Crystals Genuine Leather Bridal Wedding Wedges) yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
SPECTACULAR!  "My granddaughter is getting married in July and wanted a shoe that was "bling galore" and comfortable. She saw theseshoes on line and we ordered them. They are absolutely stunning and just what she wanted, plus totally comfortable. They even arrived a week ahead of schedule. I would recommend Marc Defang New York to anyone looking for a 
"spectacular" shoe!!! The shoe we ordered was Mixed Size Crystals Strappy Platform Wedge."

Daniella Baccari - New York, USA - May 21, 2015 (3-7mm Mixed Size Clear Crystals Genuine Leather Bridal Wedding Wedges)yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpggreystar.jpg
LOVE the Crystals. "These shoes are breath taking and no to mention how comfortable and made extremely well.. MARC DEFANG is the king of shoes."

Maria Nomikou - Greece - May 13, 2015 (Stylish Pointed Toes Crystalized Soles Luxury Wedding Pumps) yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg

Rosa Grippa - USA - May 8, 2015 (6" high heels, Pageant Platform Title Shoes)   yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
"Just received my custom crystal heels from Marc Defang. I must say they are amazing. Thank you, Marc Defang, for everything!"

APRIL 2015

Alicia Pallanez - USA - April 28, 2015 (Women's Converse Crytalized Tennis Shoes) yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
"I LOVE my Marc Defang, Miss Jr. Teen Texas 2015 tennis shoes! I can NOT wait to order my Miss Jr. Teen United States shoes in July (fingers crossed)!"

Patty Lutton - USA - April 28, 2015 (6" high heels!  Miss United States National/State title holder shoesyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
"My daughter, International Junior Miss District of Columbia Teen 2015, received her title shoes and they are beautiful! The shoes themselves are high quality and comfortable for such a high heel. The crystal embellishment and custom lettering are as beautiful in person as it is in the photos. Customer service was amazing. Will definitely purchase from Marc Defang for future needs. Thank You! Would love to upload a photo so you can see what custom shoes look like and the huge smile on her face!! :)"

Unknown - USA - April 26, 2015 (Multi-colored Ombre Style Leather Heels) yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
"The pictures do this shoe NO justice. I am amazed at how beautiful they are. All I could say was WOW when I opened the box!!"

Unknown - USA - April 16, 2015 (Wizard of Oz, Dorothy's Ruby Red Crystal Heelsyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
"I am so happy with my purchase! The heels are beautiful and I know this purchase will help make my wedding day extremely special!"

Tanya L. - USA - April 9, 2015 (Sapphire Stripes & Soles Luxury Platform Heels) yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
"I was so excited to receive my shoes and when I opened the box I was speechless, they are so stunning. My shoes are lilac and clear striped to match my lavender wedding and they are beautiful, comfortable, & the sparkle is amazing. I will be marrying the man of my dreams, on the gorgeous island of Jamaica, in a beautiful gown wearing shoes fit for a queen. Thank you so much Marc DeFang I love them and can't wait to wear them on my wedding day. I will be sure to send you a picture from my wedding. I can't thank you enough and will be ordering more shoes soon!"

Marsha Schwarz - USA - April 6, 2015 (Luxury Crystal Bridal Clutch with Bow Accent) yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
"After Realizing Judith Lieber was way beyond my recources, I found this retailer!  My husband and I will be criusing later this spring, and I purchased a red cocktail dress to wear with purple silk shoes (Hey, I am 60 and am allowed to mix those colors).  The clutch I order in Lilac with a red bow is absolutely perfect!  I cannot wait to carry it.... Treat yourself to a custom made accessory, nothing beats that."

Mrs. Goodall - North Carolina, USA - April 6, 2015 (Team sports crystalized heels) yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
"Marc did a fantastic job put my vision into reality.  Truly the best pair of shoes I have ever owned... And I have tons!  I can not WAIT to rock these bad boys down the aisle!!"

MARCH 2015

Sara - Northern Ireland - March 30, 2015 (Ivory mixed pearls Bridal Open toe flats) yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
"I ordered shoes for my wedding & They arrived in a fornight of ordering them.  I was worried as I live in Northern Ireland & quite a distance.  They are beautiful, good quality & Perfect fit.  Very happy customer!!!!  Thank-you very much!!!!"

Vee - USA - March 28, 2015 (3-7mm mixed AB crystals luxury bridal platform wedges) yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
"Absolutely the most gorgeous and stunning shoes we have seen.  Pictures simply cannot capture the beauty and sparkle of these shoes.  In addition, they are made of excellent quality leather and feel good on your feet.  I bought these for my daughter's quinceanera and they are the perfect process shoes.  Couldn't be happier!"

Jessica - USA - March 24, 2015  yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
"Beautiful hand crafted work.  LOVE the shoes.  I have not worn them YET, but they are gorgeous!"

Jenna Kern - USA - March 23, 2015 (Crystalized Converse Tennis Shoesyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
"Such an amazing deisgn!  Attention to detail!  This is my 2nd Marc Defang pair and I am addicted to these shoes!!!!"

Marie - USA - March 23, 2015 (Pageant title holder essentail clutch) yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my personalized Miss Jr. Teen United States Clutch!!!! Everywhere I go, everyone compliments how amazing it is.  Thank you Marc Defang for being a fantastic sponsor!!!"

Margherita - USA - March 20, 2015 (4mm fine crystals strappy wedges) yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
"When I received these shoes in the mail I was so impressed how well made they were, they looked even better in person.  The wedges are awsome, I love all the bling and feel like a princess wearing them!!  They were comfortable and I get many compliments when I wear them."

Rose Buckley - USA - March 17, 2015 (Pageant Title Holder Essential Clutchyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
"I Love this clutch!  It is beautiful and eye-catching!  I'm so thankful to have such fantastic sponsor in Marc Defang! Can't wait to use it this weekend :)"

Sandi Z - USA - March 16, 2015 (Personalized crystal purse) yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
"Best personalized item I have ever bought!! Breath taking... Thank you so much!!"

Stephanie - USA - March 15, 2015 (Sexy Dorothy's Luxury Bridal Platform Heelsyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
"I am so excited to wear these shoes for my September wedding, they are more than I could have ever asked for in terms of quality and craftsmanship.  I am beyond impressed with the shoes and would definitely order again."


Megan- USA - Febuary 24, 2015 (Crystal bridal flats with heart details)   yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
"I searched and searched for the perfect shoe and couldn't find it in any department or bridal store. I came across this website on pure luck, and I'm so happy that I did! I was very nervous about purchasing these shoes without seeing them and trying them on first. I'm happy that I took the leap and purchased them! They are amazing and I love them! I can't wait to wear them on my wedding day! The shoes are of a very good quality! The shoes were packaged nicely and even came with extra crystal and glue! You won't be sorry with this purchase!"

Connie - USA - Febuary 24, 2015 (Personalized Converse Crystal shoes)   yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
"Who knew you could call a pair of tennis shoes STUNNING but these you can! I will certainly make a statement in these beauties at my daughters pageants and events around town. Now my daughters want a pair too! Thanks Marc Defang for giving me such an amazingly beautiful product."

Emily - Michigan USA - Febuary 23, 2015 (Personalized Pageant title holder crystal clutch) yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
"This is a beautiful bag for for a queen :) I wish I went with the bigger style because my iPhone 6 barely fits in it but otherwise I would absolutely recommend ! It is a quality product, no need to worry about stones falling off !"

Anonymous - USA - Febuary 17, 2015 (Clear Crystals 3-7mm mixed luxury Bridal Flats) yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
"I was very impressed with these shoes. Not only did I received them very fast but they are so much more beautiful than the pictures show. They fit true to size, I am normally an 8 but with flats I always go down a half size. The shoes are very nice quality and they even give you a handful of additional crystals and glue just in case. Would recommend to anyone."

Anonymous - USA - Febuary 15, 2015 (Ivory Mixed Pearls Luxury Bridal Flats) yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
"These shoes are absolutely beautiful!  They are true to size. Exactly what I was ooking for to go with my wedding dress... PERFECT!"

Judy Jade - Febuary 11, 2015   yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
"I just ordered my custom bridal shoes by MARC DEFANG NEW YORK... Beyond super stoked to see what his hands can do. All of my shoe enthusiasts need to go check out his collection, it's like a candy store for shoes!!!!"

Anonymous - USA - Febuary 7, 2015 (3-7mm Mixed Size Crystals Luxury Bridal 5" Heels)    yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
"I was hesitant about ordering my wedding shoes online because I really trying shoes on first. I wear a 10 in so me sling back heels, so when the representative told me a 9.5 would fit me just right I thought to myself this is going to be a disaster. I received my shoes in the mail and they were breath taking. I placed them on my feet and started praying that they fit me just right "And the did" A Happy Bride I will be. Thanks for ensuring me that this size would be right and that in fact Marc DeFang shoes do run a little big when you have them custom made."

Maura Strugalski - Ohio USA - Febuary 2, 2015 (Deisgner Pale Pink pearls vintage style Luxury Bridal heels) yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
"I ordered these shoes with "light pink" pearls to wear on my wedding day.. I have a blush pink and iviory wedding dress, so I was looking for the right shade of pink to corrdinate. When I first received these shoes, I was a little disappointed as they were much more "pink" than I had originally thought they would be and the rhinestones on the shoes were purple (which you cannot see in the picture). HOWEVER, I emailed customer service and right away they asked how they could help and re-submitted a new order requesting a pale pink color and clear rhinestones... 2 weeks later I received my new order and they are PERFECT!! They are so beautiful and the color is great! I typically wear a 6.5, however, per the recommendation of the staff I ordered 7.5 in these and they fit great! They feel like they will be very comfortable as well... the customer service is amazing, and all i had to do is mail back the other shoes. I cannot wait to wear these for my wedding!"


Christina Nielsen - Illinois, USA - January 29, 2015 (Luxury AB crystals Bridal Open Toe Flats with Heart Detail)yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpggreystar.jpg
"I am so excited to wear these shoes at my wedding.  The shoes came very well packaged - each shoe in a separate sleeve, with extra glue and crystals.  The shoes are eye catching and the crystals are perfectly attached.  Only complaint, slightly loose for my size 10, but nothing an insert won't fix."

Brooke - USA - January 27, 2015 (4mm fine crystal strappy wedges) yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
"I just received my wedding shoes and they are fantastic!  I had looked everywhere to fine shoes like these, and the craftsmanship of these shoes are unmatched!  The shoes fit nicely, however I wish they came in 1/2 sizes.  In addition, I was sent frequent updates on the status of my shoes from customer service, so I appreciated the individual attention directed towards these shoes.  You won't be disappointed -- these shoes are sure to impress!"

Unkown - USA - January 17, 2015 (Luxury Pearl Platform Heels with Crystalized Heel Accent) yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
"Love my custom shoes!  They're a little big but didn't know how to get my exact size."

Onyi Agu - Perth Australia - January 9, 2015 (Mixed Clear Crystals Luxury Bridal Wedges)   yellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
"Great communication, Marc Defang.  It was custom made to suit my wedding colors and crystals look beautiful and size was a perfect fit.  Thanks again."

Dani B. - USA - January 1, 2015 (3-7 mm mixed size AB crystal strappy wedgesyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpgyellowstar3.jpg
"I am so happy I decided to order these sandals for my beach wedding!!! I requested a custom design and it came out exactly as I imagined! They are also super comfortable.  The only reason I did not give this 5 starts is because when the shoes arrived they smelled strongly of glue.  However they shipped out very fast and also came with extra pearls in case some come off.  For that reason I would give the shoes themselves 4.75 starts.  The customer service was also amazing and very accommodating.  There was a problem with the system when I placed my order, but Lindsay was great at helping me get it straightened out.  I was worried about the size but Lindsay also helped with that by finding a pair in my size.  I am typically a 7 or 7.5 depending on the shoe.  I ordered a 7.5 and they fit perfectly!  They are beautiful and I can not wait to wear them on my wedding day!"