Jadelyn Makenzie

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Custom made item, processing time 20-25 calendar days arrival 

  • Featured shoe color: AB Crystal Rhinestones
  • Featured wording color: Jet Black 
  • You can personalize the shoes with your personal name, phrase or a title. 
  • Over 1,500 rhinestones over the shoes, all applied by hand 
  • Cotton cavas upper material.
  • Additional cushion added for extra comfort.
  • Medium fit.  Size run True to Size. 

JADELYN MAKENZIE - Style Spokesperson

“And though she be little, she is FIERCE!” –Shakespeare 

Sometimes the biggest presents come in the smallest packages, and you will certainly receive a huge statement piece when you order your pair of Jadelyn Makenzie’s! These beautiful sneakers are fit for any occasion! On the stage during competition, or matched with jeans and your royalty t-shirt, the Jadelyn Makenzie’s are sure to be the statement in your outfit with over 1,500 rhinestones, applied by hand! Customizable, with over 30 choices in stone colors, the Jadelyn Makenzie’s leave you with endless possibilities to proudly display your personal name, phrase, or title! Be like your Miss. Baby America, Jadelyn Makenzie, BE FIERCE!!! Order your own pair today and let the world see just how “big” you really are!

About Jadelyn:

Jadelyn Makenzie, or as most people know her, Jay-Bird, is a spunky, sassy, but a lovable little girl! She’s very outgoing sociably and very mature for her age. Her favorite activities including swimming on her own, riding the four-wheeler & watching YouTube on everyone’s phones! She has been under the spotlights starting at just 9 months old. She loves preforming to anyone that will watch, especially if you’ll let her sing to you! There’s nothing more she loves than accessories; shoes, jewelry, purses, you name it! At just 3 years old, she loves feeling confident and complete with her accessories! Jadelyn has accomplished so much in her little life and we can not wait to see where the future takes her!

Jadelyn's Accomplishments 

  • National Sparkle Miss. Little 2017-2018 
  • National Talent Winner (The Youngest talent contestant at just 2 years old)
  • National Casual Wear Fashion Winner
  • National Overall Photogenic Winner
  • National Best Personality Winner
  • National Best Sparkle Wear Winner
  • Miss Baby America Georgia Sparkle
  • Miss. Georgia Grand Supreme 2017
  • Georgia Sparkle Miss. Overall Personality Winner
  • Georgia Sparkle Miss. Best Outfit of Choice & Prettiest Eyes
  • Sparkle Queens Lifetime Queen (5+ Supreme Title Wins)
  • Sparkle Queens Overall Top Miss. Photogenetic 2018
  • Sparkle Queens Little Miss. Firecracker Grand Supreme 2018
  • Miss. Whimsical Matilda Jane Mini Grand Supreme 2018
  • Miss. Whimsical OVERALL Outfit of Choice 2018
  • Miss. Whimsical Most Beautiful, Best Dressed & Prettiest Eyes
  • Sparkle Queens Miss. Rodeo Top Wrangler 2018
  • Sparkle Queens Miss. Rodeo Most Photogenic 2018
  • Spark Queens Best Outfit of Choice 2018
  • Starz OVERALL All-American Miss. Super Model (Top Score of All Areas) 2018-2019
  • Starz OVERALL Top Portfolio 2018
  • Starz Best Athletic Wear 2018
  • Starz Prettiest Smile & Perfect OOC Score,Runway, & Interview 2018
  • Sparkle Queen Ultimate Grand Overall Photogenic 2018
  • Sparkle Queens Around the World Grand Supreme 2018
  • Sparkle Queens Around the World Ultimate Grand Photogenic 2018
  • Sparkle Queens Around the World Best Theme Wear 2018
  • Grand Supreme Miss. Elite Princess 2018
  • Miss. Simply Elite Mini Grand Supreme 2017
  • Miss. Simply Elite Best Fun Fashion Model 2017
  • Miss. Simply Elite Prettiest Eyes 2017
  • Grand Supreme Miss. Southern States Christmas for a Cure 2017
  • Once Upon a Fairytale Sparkle Queens 2017 Grand Supreme
  • Teeny Miss. Georgia Marble 2017-2018
  • Miss. Apple Seedling 2017-2018
  • Miss. Apple Seedling Most Photogenic 2017
  • Miss. Apple Seedling Prettiest Hair 2017
  • Miss. Pickens County Sweetheart 2017-2018
  • Miss. Pickens County Sweetheart Most Photogenic 2017
  • Miss. Pickens County Sweetheart Prettiest Hair 2017
  • Miss. Pickens County Sweetheart Prettiest Eyes 2017
  • Miss. Southern States Relay for Life Grand Supreme 2017-2018
  • Miss. Southern States Relay for Life Miss. Photogenic 2017-2018
  • Miss. Southern States Relay for Life Best Outfit of Choice 2017-2018
  • Tiny Miss. Heart of Gold Grand Supreme 2017-2018
  • Miss. Heart of Gold Most Photogenic
  • Miss. Heart of Gold Prettiest Hair
  • Miss. Heart of Gold OVERALL Best Outfit of Choice 2017
  • Ultimate Grand Supreme Miss. Rhinestone Cowgirl 2016-2017
  • Grand Supreme Fairytale Sparkle Queens 2016
  • Miss. Hazzard County 2016-2017 Grand Supreme
  • Miss. Southern States Christmas for a Cure 2016
  • Miss. Southern Grace Christmas Pageant 2016
  • Miss. Southern States Overall Miss. Photogenic 2016
  • Miss. Boo-tiful Queen 2016
  • Miss. Boo-tiful Photogenic & Best Dressed 2016
  • OVERALL Most Boo-tiful 2016
  • Miss. Pickens County 2016-2017
  • Miss. Pickens County Photogenic 2016
  • Mss. Pickens County Photogenic 2016
  • Little Miss. Apple Seedling 2016-2017
  • Little Miss. Apple Seedling Most Photogenic
  • Little Miss Apple Seedling Prettiest Dress
  • Miss. Apple Capital 2015-2016
  • Miss. Apple Capital Most Photogenic 2015-2016
  • Miss. Apple Dumpling 2015-2016
  • Miss. Apple Dumpling Photogenic 2015-2016
  • Miss. Apple Dumpling Prettiest Eyes 2015-2016
  • BMG Modeling Company Representative
  • Marc Defang Spokeswomen
  • Elect Disney Wonderland Fashion Runway Model
  • Paris Magazine CoverGirl Model
  • Le’ Bloom Kids Magazine select
  • Letiel Magazine select Le Kids Magazine select
  • NC Magazine select NYFW Kingdom Magazine select
  • 101 Magazine select Love Model Magazine select GA
  • Extreme Competition Cheerleader



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